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Have you ever met a girl with a beauty like a pearl
I met her in a street cafe 
She was sitting on a chair shaking her head, her golden hair
Now she is making arrangements to pay and to reach her seems a long way

And my dreams will all be gone and all my work will not be done
'Cause my life is made of dreams now it is coming apart at the seams

I try to talk to her all day only one word would be o.k.
If I could tell her how I feel maybe this changes the aim of the wheel
And my life will be changed sometimes things seem to be arranged
I've never been in love before but it's a feeling I adore

She's got burning eyes, her smile is like a dream
She's the only one, who keeps me alive
She's got burning eyes, I'm trying to make her mine
'Cause I love those, burning eyes

Now she's standing in front of me and I try to guess how it'll be
Just one glimpse, a mention to her but I don't dare and it's hard to bear

And my dreams stay in my mind and so I gather more of this time
I need so urgently for what I do my life is a puzzle without a clue

(Music and Lyrics by Frank Hafner alias Joe)

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